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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #15 : August 05, 2015, 06:33:45 a.m. »
Acura USA July 2015 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

Honda and Acura Trucks Combine for New American Honda Sales Record as Company Reports Robust July 2015 Sales Gains

Aug 3, 2015 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    American Honda shattered its previous July truck sales record set in 2006, climbing 13.2 percent on sales of 70,613 units leading an overall 7.7 percent increase for the month
    Honda CR-V has best-ever July with 31,785 units sold for an increase of 11.4 percent
    Acura RDX jumps 29.6 percent on sales of 4,577 for another July record
    Acura ILX also has best July with sales up 30.6 percent, joining TLX to boost Acura cars more than 100 percent for the month

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported an increase of 7.7 percent in July 2015, on sales of 146,324 Honda and Acura vehicles. Honda and Acura trucks led the July sales gain, combining for a 13.2 percent increase on sales of 70,613 vehicles. Honda Division sales rose 6.5 percent overall on sales of 131,409 units, while Acura reported a gain of 19.5 percent with 14,915 vehicles sold in July.


With a nearly 20 percent overall gain, sedans continue to evolve into one of the key Acura brand success stories. The recently refreshed ILX steps up with a best-ever July, combining with a still-streaking TLX to push Acura cars up 101.7 percent for the month. The RDX showed renewed strength as it set a new July benchmark with a nearly 30 percent gain, while the MDX is working through inventory issues.

    The redesigned ILX posted a second straight monthly record, gaining 30.6 percent on sales of 1,613 units
    The refreshed RDX continued its gains, jumping 29.6 percent with sales of 4,577 units in July
    Acura sedan sales totaled 5,361 in July, up 101.7 percent for the month.

“With Acura sedan sales continuing to strengthen, the Acura brand is on its strongest footing in years,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda. “With both sedans and trucks clicking with luxury buyers Acura is on pace for our best sales year in nearly a decade.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for July 2015
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   July    July    DSR**    July    July    DSR**
   2015    2014    % Chg.    2015    2014    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    14,915    12,480    19.5%    102,002    90,431    12.8%
ILX    1,613    1,235    30.6%    10,084    9,592    5.1%
RLX/RL    213    208    2.4%    1,413    2,292    -38.4%
TL    3    736    -99.6%    84    9,752    -99.1%
TLX    3,530    0    0.0%    25,702    0    0.0%
TSX    2    479    -99.6%    30    5,904    -99.5%
MDX    4,977    6,283    -20.8%    34,397    36,947    -6.9%
RDX    4,577    3,532    29.6%    30,290    25,881    17.0%
ZDX    0    7    -100.0%    2    63    -96.8%
*** ILX Hybrid    0    35    -100.0%    19    306    -93.8%
*** RLX Hybrid    28    0    0.0%    147    0    0.0%
*** TSX Wagon    0    57    -100.0%    2    599    -99.7%
Selling Days    26    26       178    178    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]

- See more at:

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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #16 : Octombrie 18, 2015, 06:36:34 a.m. »

Acura Highlights Safety in New Advertising Campaign

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

Acura Underscores Industry-leading Safety Performance with Emotional New Marketing Campaign

Oct 15, 2015 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    Acura is the first and only automotive brand to earn 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from the NHTSA and TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the IIHS across its model line
    High impact and emotional national advertising campaign brings to life Acura’s dedication to safety performance
    The brand’s first-of-its-kind campaign launches digitally on Oct. 15 and on national broadcast television on Oct. 18

Acura has taken a safety leadership position as the only automotive brand to earn a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score in the NHTSA New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) across its entire model line1. Based on the brand’s commitment to the latest safety design and implementation of advanced safety and driver-assistive technology, Acura earned top overall safety ratings from the U.S. government and the IIHS across its model line. Acura will showcase its leadership in a new high impact and emotional national advertising campaign ( highlighting the brand’s dedication to safety performance.

“At Acura, safety has been a part of our engineering culture and DNA since the inception of the brand nearly 30 years ago, something affirmed by these industry-leading safety ratings,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager, Acura division. “The national advertising campaign illustrates the passion we have for not only achieving safety leadership but also the motivation behind our safety efforts.”

This is the second time in Acura history that the brand has achieved industry-leading safety status by earning the highest available ratings from both NHTSA and IIHS at the same time across in its lineup. In 2009, Acura was the first brand ever to simultaneously earn top safety ratings from NHTSA and IIHS across the model lineup. Additionally, Acura was the first automotive brand to introduce advanced driver-assistive technology to the luxury market by offering autonomous emergency braking (AEB) with the introduction of its Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) on the 2006 Acura RL.

“Building upon the robust ACE™ body structure, we have achieved a new level of occupant protection and with AcuraWatch™ we help the driver mitigate, and at times avoid, collisions,” said Chuck Thomas, chief engineer automotive safety, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. “Looking ahead, our research in advanced automated driving technology has the potential to help realize our dream of a collision-free mobile society, perhaps within the next few decades.”

Acura safety leadership is further highlighted by the fact that the brand is the only automaker to offer all three advanced technology features (Front Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Rearview Camera) recommended by the NHTSA on all of its models, delivered in the AcuraWatch™ suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies2.

Additionally, Acura is the only brand in the industry to receive the top rating of “Superior” across its model line1 for its front crash prevention technology.

Acura’s Safety Advertising Campaign

While other luxury automotive brands use close call scenarios and crash demonstrations to depict safety messages, Acura is taking a more emotional approach with its safety campaign by focusing on the brand’s philosophy of putting people first. The initiative is the first emotionally-driven safety campaign for the brand.

In an integrated campaign, including :15, :30 and :60 spots; digital advertising and a dedicated landing page, the viewer sees an Acura engineer prepare for a controlled laboratory safety test and load human-like figures into an Acura MDX. The figures, a man; woman and two young children, are the engineer and his family. As the car accelerates, the camera cuts back inside the car to reveal the passengers have been traditional crash test dummies all along; the engineer envisioned the figures as his own family.

The spot cuts away from the safety test and displays the message: “When you don’t think of them as dummies, something amazing happens.” The spot ends by promoting the brand’s achievement in earning top overall safety ratings across its entire model line.

“We wanted to capture how our Acura engineers believe safety transcends technology; it’s really about putting people first,” said Leila Cesario, national advertising manager, Acura division. “As safety is the third top purchase consideration for luxury buyers, an emotional campaign like this illustrates how important safety performance is for Acura and luxury buyers alike.”

The campaign includes placement on national network and cable television, major web portals, video streaming and digital lifestyle verticals.

1IIHS Top Safety Pick+ claim applies to 2016 model year vehicles except TLX, where only the 2015 TLX has been tested.  Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program (

2Information about crash avoidance technologies as part of the Government 5-Star Safety Ratings program can be found at

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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #17 : Octombrie 27, 2015, 06:18:04 a.m. »

2017 Acura NSX Technical Introduction

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

Oct 26, 2015

2017 ACURA NSX: Introduction


When the original Acura NSX made its debut 25 years ago, it forever changed the supercar universe by combining scintillating sports car styling and athletic performance—common traits long associated with the exotic car segment—with a new dimension of quality, exceptional ergonomics, comfort, and dynamic poise. The NSX introduced and defined Acura’s approach to “Precision Crafted Performance” with its cutting-edge design and innovative technology that provided accessible supercar performance for real drivers in the real world.

By making use of advanced new technologies such as a lightweight yet rigid all-aluminum monocoque body/chassis and a mid-mounted transverse V6, the original NSX challenged the conventional wisdom for a supercar. Its high-revving V6 engine featured a number of innovative production car technologies including forged pistons, titanium connecting rods and VTEC valve train.

Moreover, the NSX sought a more intimate connection between the car, the driver and the road underneath them, pursued through essential design elements – light weight, open and airy cockpit, and excellent ergonomics – creating an altogether new and paradigm-challenging definition of supercar performance.

Next Generation Concept

The overarching concept for the design and development of this next-generation NSX was the idea of a “human-centered supercar,” one that places the driver at the center of its mission in each and every element of its design and dynamic performance.

Respecting the foundational concepts of the original NSX—accessible supercar performance, everyday drivability, and openness to new technology—this next-generation NSX pursues an altogether new and revolutionary concept of Acura supercar performance – melding timeless NSX values with advanced technologies to create a New Sports eXperience.

Advanced Fundamentals (Timeless NSX Values)

First and foremost, the engineering team felt a tremendous responsibility to continue the fundamental innovation pursued by the original NSX team. Four foundational philosophies are fundamental to the timeless NSX values and essential to realize the new NSX concept and goals:

    Total Airflow Management – a wholistic approach to thermal management and aerodynamic performance that supports and enhances dynamic response and high-speed stability without the need for active aero devices
    Human Support Cockpit – a cabin that supports the driver and amplifies the driving experience with no sacrifice to comfort or everyday usability
    Multi-Material Body – light and ultra-rigid body, applying material, construction and joining methodology optimized to the mission of each body component
    Advanced Sports Package – optimizing the design and packaging in all the above aspects—the human package, the body, and finally the key components of the power unit to lower and center the mass of the vehicle.

Advanced Technologies

With these fundamentals in place, NSX engineers could effectively develop technical solutions needed to deliver the New Sports driving experience they sought.

To fully realize this New Sports eXperience, Acura electrifies the advanced fundamentals by leveraging its longstanding Direct Yaw Control knowhow through its Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system, the first of its kind in the supercar realm.

The NSX concept for “zero delay” is more than acceleration, actually involving every aspect of the driver interface … the capacity to directly respond to the driver’s demands in all three phases of driving: Go, Stop, Turn (acceleration, braking and cornering). The NSX’s advanced power unit supports this achievement. Zero delay acceleration and active AWD traction power the NSX out of corners. Energy recovery supports direct and linear braking. And power strategically applied to the wheels directly creates a yaw moment to help turn the car according to the driver’s will.

Marrying new approaches to vehicle design fundamentals, including advanced body construction, component packaging and aerodynamic optimization, with an advanced and electrified new expression of Acura’s direct yaw control concept results in a supercar that faithfully translates the inputs of the driver with incredible fidelity and zero delay while minimizing the driver’s workload—qualities that define the New Sports eXperience.

Design, Development and Manufacturing

Development of the next-generation NSX involved a global team of engineers and designers, with development of the Sport Hybrid power unit centered in Tochigi, Japan. Development of the body, chassis, electrical, interior and other vehicle technologies including total system integration, was concentrated in Raymond, Ohio. Initial styling design for the NSX was conducted at the company’s Wako design studio in Japan, and was evolved for production by the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles.

Throughout its roughly four-year development, the fundamental “human-centered supercar” concept for the next-generation NSX remained clear and consistent. However, the technologies and means by which the R&D team would realize their concept underwent a process of continual improvement and evolution, most notably in the area of engine design. Whereas the original direction called for a transverse-mounted, normally aspirated V6, the NSX development concept evolved to a new and more challenging approach: an all-new bespoke twin-turbocharged, longitudinally mounted V6. This radical re-imagination of the engine design had profound implications for every element of the NSX design—the package, cooling, aerodynamics, chassis and more.

The NSX has been tested and tuned on streets and race circuits around the world. Primary development was conducted at the Transportation Research Center adjacent to Honda R&D Americas Ohio Center as well as the Honda Takasu proving ground in northern Japan before moving to tracks such as Virginia International Raceway and the famed Nürburgring, followed by global “genteki” events (“at-the-spot” verification) which took NSX on public roads throughout the U.S. and Europe and beyond.

Construction of the NSX will take place at the new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio. The PMC was designed to innovate both the means and the methods of producing low-volume specialty cars and to realize challenging new ideas for next-generation craftsmanship and quality established by the NSX manufacturing team.

The PMC employs approximately 100 associates, including 70 highly skilled manufacturing technicians engaged in body construction, painting, assembly and quality confirmation of the NSX. Among its many innovative processes is the use of robotic MIG welding for the construction of the NSX’s aluminum space frame.

The NSX’s bespoke twin-turbocharged V6 engine is assembled by master engine builders at the company’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio. The engine is broken in on a dyno so that it’s track-ready when it leaves the factory. Then it’s mated to a direct drive motor (part of the hybrid system) and precision balanced as an assembly. Its bespoke 9-speed dual clutch transmission is then attached to the engine and this portion of the total power unit is sent to the PMC. The Twin Motor Unit (TMU) and other hybrid system components are built in Japan and shipped to Ohio for final assembly, completing the overall power unit.

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2017 ACURA NSX: Dynamic Performance

Dynamic Concept

The NSX was created to revolutionize supercar performance, delivering a more vivid, immediate and intuitive dynamic experience with zero-delay acceleration, braking and handling – such that the vehicle responds according to the “will” of every driver’s inputs, but truly comes “alive” in the hands of skillful drivers. Fundamental dynamic concepts are as follows:

    Ultimate Rigidity – via the multi-material body, providing the foundation for the zero-delay translation of driver inputs through steering, throttle and brakes. The same strong foundation directly reacts the yaw moment created from our advanced technologies
    Human Fit – exemplified by a cockpit that is optimized in every element of its design to support the driver and clarify the driving experience while providing outstanding comfort and class-leading ergonomics
    Advanced Sports Package – optimizes the design and packaging of all major vehicle systems to lower and center the mass of the vehicle for incredible handling and dynamic response
    Total Airflow Management – a new airflow management approach gives the NSX the superlative airflow management expected of a next-generation supercar, cooling is ducted through heat exchangers and then precisely directed to various exit locations to optimize drag and downforce.
    Advanced Zero Delay Technologies – the capacity to directly respond to the driver’s demands in all three phases of driving: Go, Stop, Turn
        On Rails Cornering – translating driver inputs into vehicle responses with incredible fidelity and amplifying the capabilities of the driver and the car via direct yaw control with next-generation Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All Wheel drive
        Fade-free braking – powerful, linear, predictable and virtually fade-free braking performance in all driving conditions via the seamless integration of high-performance mechanical (Brembo hydraulic) braking and hybrid motor assisted electro-servo (regenerative) braking
        Acceleration – instant acceleration G feeling from the moment the driver engages the throttle, enhanced by the immediate torque response of three electric motors working in concert with the bespoke, twin-turbocharged V6 and 9-speed dual clutch transmission (9DCT)


Ultimate Rigidity (Multi-Material Body)

Like the original Acura NSX—the world’s first all-aluminum supercar—the all-new NSX has a cutting-edge structure: its Multi-Material body, utilizes new materials and construction methods to create a platform with unprecedented dynamic rigidity.

    Space frame torsional rigidity that surpasses anything in its class
    Each suspension point is attached to precision machined castings—including the world’s first automotive application of ablation casting technology—to provide the ultimate, local attachment point rigidity
    Unparalleled platform rigidity transmits the full feeling of the Power Unit, suspension, and steering directly to the driver with zero delay, while maximizing the effectiveness of Direct Yaw Control  to improve vehicle dynamics

Human Support Cockpit

From its minimalistic yet contemporary design to its careful application of materials in the seat and steering wheel the team sought to support the driver and clarify the driving experience. The interior of the all-new Acura NSX has a “human-centric” ergonomically-enhanced design theme for both the driver and passenger.

Since steering feel and performance are such an important aspect of the on-rails handling nature of the high-performance NSX, unusually detailed attention was paid to perfecting the steering wheel. This included maximizing grip via a more ergonomic shape and increasing surface contact for the hands, as well as easier operation of the paddle shifters.

To maximize forward visibility, specially designed A-pillars made of ultra-high-strength steel were incorporated into the design of the all-new Acura NSX. These new pillars are actually a full inch thinner than those of the original NSX, but offer enhanced safety performance.

Advanced Sports Package

The new Acura NSX Advanced Sports Package is a design philosophy that seeks to optimize the design and packaging of all major vehicle systems—the body, chassis and interior, including the mid-mounted Sport Hybrid Power Unit (engine, Direct Drive Motor and 9DCT) and key hybrid components including the Intelligent Power Unit (containing the lithium-ion battery pack), PDU and the TMU—to lower and center the mass of the vehicle for optimal handling and dynamic response.

While maintaining ground clearance similar to the highest volume sports car and expanding the head room to accommodate a 95th percentile American male, the new NSX has the lowest center of gravity among its core competitors.

Total Airflow Management

“In many ways, with the design of the all-new Acura NSX, you literally have form following function, so this was a really exciting vehicle to work on as an aerodynamicist,” says Thomas Ramsay, the Aerodynamics and Cooling Project Leader on the new Acura supercar.

NSX’s body shape was effectively designed to minimize aerodynamic drag while creating balanced front-to-rear downforce through a total airflow management focus on utilizing airflow through each vent, while extracting maximum energy from the airflow field to cool the brakes and manage power unit thermal loads.

Through extensive research and development, the NSX aerodynamics team determined that placing approximately three times as much downforce at the rear of the vehicle relative to the front of the car would provide the optimal downforce balance for high-performance driving as well as everyday functionality. Further evidence of the superior aerodynamics engineered into the NSX is that its high level of downforce is accomplished without the need for active aerodynamic bodywork or other devices.

Advanced Zero Delay Technologies:

With the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, zero delay performance is ensured in virtually any driving scenario:

    When accelerating, the system provides instantaneous torque via its three electric motors—the rear direct drive motor and front Twin Motor Unit—that is maximized at all four tires when accelerating or powering out of corners.
    When trail-braking into a corner, the system utilizes the front TMU for enhanced deceleration—the advanced braking system works in concert with the vehicle’s mechanical brakes to precisely decelerate, and the Direct Yaw Control delivers precise and immediate turn-in performance while allowing drivers to point their eyes toward the corner apexes.
    When exiting a corner, the driver can pick up the throttle earlier and with more confidence and accelerate with added precision and as well as reduced workload.

“Using Honda’s original beta method to consider overall handling performance, we’ve been exploring direct yaw control torque vectoring for over two decades,” says Ted Klaus, Acura NSX Global Development Leader. “With the development of the Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All Wheel Drive System, we can take advantage of the superior responsiveness of the electric motor characteristics within the system powered by an independent Battery to significantly expand the benefits of direct yaw control.”

By taking advantage of the immediate torque response of the system’s three electric motors to heighten the control and effectiveness of direct yaw control, the Acura NSX Sport Hybrid SH AWD system elevates any driver’s confidence and performance driving capabilities while extracting more performance from the car.

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2017 ACURA NSX: Sport Hybrid Power Unit


The exceptional dynamic capabilities and zero-delay responses of the new NSX are enabled by the exploitation of advanced powertrain technologies. This concept of utilizing next-generation technology to deliver a New Sports eXperience is epitomized by the adoption of a Sport Hybrid power unit.

At the heart of this new hybrid power unit is a bespoke, mid-mounted twin-turbocharged, 75-degree 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine with dry sump lubrication, mated to an all-new 9-speed dual clutch transmission (9DCT) and Direct-Drive Motor. This is augmented by the front Twin Motor Unit (TMU) driving the front wheels. The NSX Sport Hybrid power unit offers exceptional horsepower and torque with a broad powerband for tremendous throttle response and acceleration. Total system peak output is estimated at 573 horsepower—500 horsepower from the gasoline engine and 73 horsepower from the front TMU.

Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine

Featuring a wide V-angle of 75 degrees to help lower the center of gravity, the NSX’s twin-turbocharged V6 engine achieves the best balance between power production, overall compactness and reduced mass. With a displacement of 3.5 liters, it combines both direct injection and port injection, along with Variable Timing Control (VTC) to deliver optimal camshaft phasing, for precision combustion control throughout the entire rpm band while simultaneously achieving high power output and performance at high engine speeds.

Making use of an electronic wastegate for each turbocharger for faster response as well as more precisely varying vane positioning, the single-scroll turbocharger design allows for the use of smaller turbos to reduce weight and improve packaging, while still meeting power and performance benchmarks. Furthermore, their single-scroll design allows for more efficient collection of exhaust as it escapes from within the cylinders.

To reduce the response delay that is associated with turbocharged powerplants, the rear Direct Drive Motor acts directly on the engine’s crankshaft and works in unison via a sophisticated algorithm to realize direct, high output, high torque acceleration performance. The enhanced efficiency of this design arrangement is particularly noticeable in normal everyday driving when accelerating from a low engine speed. Additionally, the rear electric motor also acts as a generator to provide supplemental power to the vehicles lithium ion battery pack, which also powers the front-mounted TMU.

Other key engine design elements include a sand-cast engine block, lightweight and compact cylinder heads, FC thermal spray coating on the engine block cylinder sleeves (for higher thermal efficiency, weight and compactness) and a dry sump lubrication system that significantly reduces the engine’s center of gravity—allowing 61 mm reduction from the crank center to the engine bottom versus a conventional wet sump—while ensuring effective lubrication at high cornering speeds.

The NSX has a compact valve train utilizing swing arm-type valve actuators, helping to reduce the inertial weight of the valve train and allowing a more compact head structure. The structure is similar to those found in some Honda racing engines. Intake and exhaust variable cam timing (VTC) is deployed to provide an excellent balance of high power, torque, fuel economy, and emissions.

9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission with Direct Drive Motor

The new 9-speed dual clutch transmission works in concert with the engine and Direct Drive Motor to make full use of the power unit’s broad power band, producing lightning quick gear changes that support the NSX’s zero-delay response. As a key component of the Advanced Sports Package, the 9DCT has been optimized for compact size, low mass and low CG.

The 9DCT has a very wide ratio range that allows for optimal gear selection in all driving conditions. First gear ratio is configured for maximum vehicle launch acceleration, while the close-ratio gears (2nd through 8th) are perfectly matched to make the most of the power unit’s power band. Conversely, high gear (9th) has been optimized for fuel efficiency during steady-state highway cruising.

In efforts toward compactness and reduction of mass, the clutch and the differential are uniquely situated side-by side in a common housing. By adopting this design, overhang from the rear axle is minimized while the center of mass is moved forward.

Other advanced technologies incorporated into the 9-speed DCT are:

    Electronically-operated wet dual clutch, a high-rigidity shift fork, double-cone synchronizer, and an electronic shift actuator to more precisely synchronize power unit torque with shift timing for the quickest and smoothest shifts possible
    Precision surfaced high-efficiency hypoid bevel gear tooth shape for all gears for improved operation with reduced gear noise
    Addition of two oil “rooms” within the transmission housing for more efficient and higher-capacity cooling
    Clutch case and differential carrier integrated into the transmission for a more lightweight and compact structure
    Lightweight high-strength gearbox case
    Multiple-plate limited slip differential (LSD) provides increased traction when accelerating and cornering at the limits of adhesion

Twin Motor Unit (TMU)

The exceptional direct and linear acceleration and dynamic response of the new NSX is enabled in part by its front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU). It is a major driving force in creating the vehicle’s superlative zero-delay acceleration and can directly generate a yaw moment to support turning, and also recovers braking energy during deceleration.

The TMU provides instant torque as well as AWD traction, allowing direct and stress free launches from start. In addition to improving 0-to-60 mph and quarter-mile times, this zero-delay acceleration response allows the driver to experience a heightened sense of G-loading that invigorates the senses, an adrenaline rush as accelerative forces push the body into the seat. Most importantly, the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD works in harmony with the poised chassis and brake system to provide intuitive brake pedal and steering feel so the driver always feels completely in control.

The TMU is geared to support acceleration up to 200 kph, but continues to support Direct Yaw Control at all vehicle speeds. It is also a key enabling technology for driving in the Quiet mode setting of the IDS, allowing for hushed vehicle operation by operating the NSX as an electric vehicle.

Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)/Power Drive Unit (PDU)

The IPU integrates the lithium-ion battery pack and a high-voltage distribution bus bar, with voltage distribution controlled by the PDU. The newly developed lithium-ion battery pack allows for increased energy density and improved electrical output when compared to similar systems in existing vehicle models.

The Power Drive Unit (PDU) is centralized in a low position within the vehicle, hidden below the center console. The high-voltage lithium-ion battery is mounted within the Integrated Power Unit (IPU), which is in turn mounted behind the driver and passenger, forward of the firewall.

Engine at a Glance

    Longitudinally mounted, 75-degree,  3.5-liter DOHC V6,
    500 hp; 550 Nm torque
    Twin single-scroll turbo chargers with electronic wastegate
    Swing arm valve actuation
    Variable timing control (VTC) for both intake and exhaust camshafts
    Dry sump lubrication system
    10.0:1 compression ratio
    Direct and port injection
    Drive-by-wire throttle system

9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

    Competition-inspired, steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters
    Close-ratio gears selected for maximum sports performance
    Coordination between Sport Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive system and gearbox makes for ultra-quick and smooth shifts

Wide total gear ratio spread to maximize sporting performance as well as stress free and efficient steady-state highway driving

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2017 ACURA NSX: Multi-Material Body


To realize the New Sports eXperience and to support new concepts in vehicle dynamics—in particular the direct yaw control effected by the torque vectoring capabilities of the front-mounted TMU and the direct, zero-delay response of the chassis to driver inputs—the NSX engineering team was challenged to create a new concept for body design that delivered ultimate rigidity while minimizing weight and meeting other critical targets such as visibility, crash safety performance and durability/quality/reliability (DQR).

The final result of this engineering challenge is the NSX multi-material space-frame which achieves structural rigidity far superior to its top-in-class competitors. More importantly, NSX drivers will feel their inputs directly translated to the car’s actions with zero delay, while simultaneously allowing the maximum potential of the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system to be felt by the driver.

Multi Material Space Frame

The aluminum-intensive space frame utilizes extruded and cast parts to provide exceptional rigidity and light weight.

In order to directly translate the direct yaw moment generated by the TMU, and to precisely deliver feedback to the driver with zero delay, individual aluminum castings have been utilized at each and every attachment point for the suspension. These castings are supported in all three dimensions (x, y, z) by optimized extrusions.

Utilizing Global and local optimization routines, each casting and extrusion was analyzed for potential weight savings. The result is that most extrusions have custom wall thickness and many have a different wall thickness for each of their sides.

Steel stampings have also been added to the architecture in certain areas where energy absorption is required, with supplemental aluminum stampings used where low weight is a key consideration. The front floor panels are constructed of carbon fiber core.

Ablation Cast Nodes

One of the most difficult design challenges in the development of the all-new Acura NSX was to minimize the front and rear overhangs of the vehicle while managing energy absorption in key areas for crash safety performance and to maintain desired structural rigidity. To solve the issues of crashworthiness and occupant protection, a particular challenge in mid-engine vehicles, traditional aluminum castings were rejected due to their brittle characteristics. Instead, engineers have applied an innovative new technology called “ablation” casting, an all-new material application and a world first in the automobile industry.

Jointly developed with Alotech, ablation casting technology is being utilized in the creation of six joining members, or nodes—two upper and two lower nodes in the front frame and two rear nodes. The front upper and rear nodes also serve as ultra-rigid suspension mounting points. The ablation casting process allows for the fine-tuning of both the cast part’s shape, as well as the material properties of the castings in the energy-absorbing areas of the vehicle, while minimizing weight in the form of a hollow part with optimized wall thickness.

Unlike traditional castings, the high-strength and ductile properties of the aluminum ablation cast members allow these sections of the space-frame to progressively crush and are designed to withstand tremendous loads of up to 210 kN without breaking.

3-Dimensional Bent and Quenched Ultra-High-Strength A-Pillar

For the A-pillars, new advancements in ultra-high-strength steel parts forming provided a perfect solution that met the engineering team’s goals for safety performance while maximizing forward visibility for the driver by reducing the A-pillar width. The original NSX was known for its outstanding forward visibility, giving drivers a feeling of being connected to the road, and this design attribute was considered essential to preserving a core characteristic of the NSX driving experience.

The NSX A-pillars have been precisely crafted using an all-new, three-dimensional forming and tempering process that allows for a complex parts shape with ultra-high tensile strength of 1,500 megapascals. This “3D bent and quenched” component is heated and then robotically bent. During the bending process the part is cooled and tempered (quenched) using water jets. This process enables a very small section A-pillar with precise shape specification and tolerances, yet meets the increased structural rigidity for roof-crush performance requirements.

The design and construction of the A-pillars in the new NSX represent the world’s first application of a three-dimensionally formed, ultra-high-strength steel system to be used in this manner within the automotive industry.

Carbon Fiber Core Floor

When evaluating material composition and placement throughout the body, the design team determined that carbon fiber core would serve as the ideal material for the floor section forward of the seats. In addition to its light weight, this material is strong enough to handle the loads of driver and passenger placed upon it for vehicle ingress/egress. If aluminum had been used, the aluminum sheeting would have required additional cross-member frame support beneath it; this would have added additional weight.

Construction Techniques

A number of innovative construction techniques are used in the manufacture and assembly of the all-new Acura NSX at the company’s new Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio.

100 percent of the aluminum space frame components are joined by Robotic Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, the first time to be applied in a mass-produced automobile on this scale. To aid the accuracy of the robotic weld process, the PMC utilizes an innovative rotating trunnion, or rotisserie-type, jig that rotates the part into the optimal position for the robotic weld arms, another first for automobile body construction.

Exceptionally high-quality and precise space-frame construction is accomplished via this innovative methodology which combines highly precise robotic control of the weld process with the advanced skills of PMC weld technicians. A robust in-line quality confirmation process, for both the quality of the weld and conformity of part to established specs, involves confirmation by both robotic measuring equipment and by highly skilled weld technicians at every stage of the construction process.

Other Exterior Body Design Highlights:

    Aluminum and composite exterior body panels
    Optional carbon fiber roof panel
    SMC rear trunk
    Flush outer door handle design
    Magnesium fuel door hinge

Total Airflow Management

The NSX’s team of aerodynamicists utilized a new total airflow management approach to give the NSX the superlative airflow management one expects of a next-generation supercar, while simultaneously providing the effective and highly efficient thermal management required for its hybrid power unit. There are seven different heat sources in the hybrid-based powertrain—the 3.5-liter V6 engine, twin turbochargers, the 9-speed DCT, Dual Clutch system, Power Distribution Unit, Twin Motor Unit.  To provide efficient cooling, airflow is managed through 10 different heat exchangers.

Through the use of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations as well as testing of 40-percent scale models in the company’s advanced wind tunnel facility in Ohio, the NSX development team fine-tuned the various body shapes, intake and exhaust vents and vehicle strakes to reduce aerodynamic drag, create downforce, maximize cooling and efficiently exhaust unwanted heat.

The highly innovative total airflow management developments that were discovered and implemented into the new NSX by the Ohio team were later confirmed at the company’s full-scale/moving ground plane wind tunnel in Japan.

Total Airflow Management Design Highlights:

    Efficient cooling openings at the front of the vehicle to maximize cooling airflow across the key heat exchangers located within the front section (front engine radiators, twin motor unit cooler, condenser, the transmission gear cooler, hybrid Power Distribution Unit)
    Optimized front exit flow paths considering total flow, maximum downforce, low coefficient of drag, and achieving downstream flow structure to feed the mid-engine air inlets
    Wheel wake management vents work in conjunction with fender vents to stabilize airflow down the side of the vehicle, allowing the air to enter the signature side intakes for efficient cooling. The air that enters the side intakes is distributed to three areas: engine intake, engine room cooling, and turbo intercoolers.
    Air flowing over the roof and down the rear hatch glass is captured to feed the transmission clutch cooler and introduce engine room cooling flow.
    A rear diffuser works together with the rear spoiler and taillight slots to generate significant downforce and effectively manage the air wake generated behind the vehicle.
    Optimization of front/rear downforce distribution for improved handling and stability

Human Support Cockpit

To develop an interior with exemplary ergonomics in terms of comfort and functionality, the Acura design team utilized a number of test drivers with wide-ranging driving backgrounds—from “regular” people to professional race drivers.—in order to gather information to improve all aspects of driver feel and comfort in the NSX.

Materials such as leather and Alcantara were carefully selected for the perfect combination of luxury comfort and dynamic driving support (such as lateral grip). Likewise, the center console/controls—designated as the Simple Sports Interface—have been designed to minimize the potential for distractions from the most important function—driving.

Stylish as well as structurally rigid and lightweight, the seats in the new NSX have been designed to offer superlative comfort and support. Alcantara is placed in the center section of the seat to increase lateral grip, while smoother leather is applied on the bolsters to allow freedom of torso rotation during cornering as well as easy of ingress and egress. Developed through extensive testing and pressure mapping measurements, these seats more in conjunction with the padded center console and door panel to provide whole body support during high G cornering.

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2017 ACURA NSX: Chassis


The all-new 2017 Acura NSX chassis carries forward the tradition of sophisticated engineering and advanced design while taking on-rails handling performance, combined with sophisticated ride quality and refinement to an all-new level in the supercar class.

Athletic performance is assured through the Advanced Sport Package, a design and packaging concept that sees major components including the powertrain, fuel tank and lithium-ion battery pack optimized for compactness as well as outstanding weight distribution and an extremely low center of gravity (CG).

The platform of the NSX not only possesses the highest degree of structural rigidity ever engineered into an Acura vehicle, it also achieves the lowest levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) of any competitive vehicle.

The highly rigid platform structure, advanced front and rear suspension with Magnetic Ride (MR) dampers, finely-tuned variable gear ratio electric power steering and next-generation Super Sports Brake Concept featuring Brembo performance brakes and regenerative braking capability inspire absolute driving confidence—whether taking a sweeping turn at high speed on the race track, negotiating a multitude of tight corners on a winding mountain road or taking an extended trip out on the open highway.

Drivetrain Packaging

With the newly designed twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine, special consideration was given to how the engine would be secured to the chassis in order to achieve the highest structural rigidity while producing the lowest levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). The solution was to create an engine cradle system that combines hydro-engine mounts with a rigid aluminum sub-frame plate that simultaneously supports the engine while acting as a vibration and noise inhibitor. Engine mounts are ideally located to minimize pitch and roll movement of the powertrain mass. Testing and analysis demonstrated that this novel configuration provides notably improved vehicle handling performance while exceeding targeted NVH levels.


The NSX’s all-aluminum, fully independent front and rear suspension system, equipped at all four corners with third-generation active magnetorheological (MR) dampers, is optimized for high-strength, low unspring weight, and supercar response while maintaining a high degree of comfort and ride compliance.

Front Suspension – The all-aluminum front suspension has been optimized with compact and lightweight components and suspension geometry developed for superior handling performance, crisp and communicative on-center steering feel, and excellent stability.

Additional specifics of the front suspension that help achieve exceptional handling performance and refinement include:

    Double wishbone suspension design
    Double ball joint lower arm design to eliminate the TMU drive force related steering feedback
    Third-generation Acura MR dampers with even quicker response and the widest-ever damping range

Rear Suspension – Featuring lightweight all-aluminum components, the rear suspension employs a sophisticated independent multi-link design.

Rear suspension features:

    Optimized multi-link geometry
    High lateral rigidity
    Third-generation Acura MR dampers with even quicker response and the widest-ever damping range


“It was a huge challenge to create a lively and communicative Electric Power Steering (EPS) for the driver that would be truly worthy of a next-generation Acura NSX,” said Chris Dundon, Chief Chassis Engineer. “But by optimizing the mechanical components within the system, plus careful tuning of the software, we were able to achieve our goal of delivering highly responsive steering with outstanding driver feel.”

A key design feature to help improve driver feel through the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system was the addition of dual ball joints for the front suspension lower arms, providing for substantially better “oneness with the road,” according to Dundon.

The NSX makes use of a dual-pinion (with rack-mounted assist motor) electric power steering (EPS) system with a variable gear ratio. When on center, the ratio remains constant and is tuned for optimal high speed control and stability. Off center, the gear ratio becomes quicker for improved turn-in and maneuverability at low and mid speeds. This also minimizes the need for hand-over-hand motion to help drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel.

Furthermore, this sophisticated steering system links the vehicle stability assist (VSA) and EPS to help detect handling instability on slippery roads and under braking for greater vehicle control and an increased safety margin when driving in adverse conditions.

Next-Generation Super Sports Brake Concept

Seamlessly integrating both mechanical (friction) and electric-servo (regenerative) brake systems, the NSX provides exceptionally precise, linear and fade-free brake performance in almost any driving condition.

The Brembo braking system consists of large six-piston aluminum monoblock calipers with two-piece 14.5-inch ventilated rotors up front. The rear uses four-piston aluminum monoblock calipers and 14.0 inch ventilated rotors. A two-piece brake rotor eliminate rotor distortion at high heat allowing for consistent pad to rotor contact and improved heat dissipation. Themonoblock brake calipers have been designed with high rigidity to provide even pressure distribution. Ultra high-performance carbon ceramic brake rotors are available as a factory-installed option.

Excellent brake cooling at both front and rear has been achieved as an integral part of the total airflow management package. Extensive research and development work has been done to maximize the cooling efficiency and performance of the rear brake system. Typically, effective brake cooling at the rear of a mid-engine vehicle is difficult due to component packaging and proximity of the engine and transmission. NSX engineers devised a clever solution by creating openings beneath the vehicle and utilizing portions of the hollow rear sub-frame as ducts to force feed air to the rear brakes.


The standard wheel design package for the new NSX includes lightweight alloy wheels with “Y”-style spokes wrapped in Continental Conti-Sport Contact 5P tires (245/35ZR19 front; 305/30ZR20 rear) developed jointly with Continental.

The unique “Y-wheel” design is a result of the NSX engineering team’s extensive research to find the strongest spoke structure while using the least amount of material in order to save unspring weight. Forged in high-strength aluminum, the result is a weight savings of nearly 7 pounds per set and lower total weight than any wheels of similar size and material composition within the NSX’s segment.

Additional wheel/tire options, including a track-focused tire, will be available.

Fuel Tank

Finding the ideal weight distribution, center of gravity, shape and placement of the fuel tank was a difficult design task, especially when taking into consideration protection in the event of a rear-end collision. The solution was a design that uses twin tanks composed of a specialized resin material that allowed for tremendous flexibility in the freedom of the shape of the fuel tanks for optimal packaging and enhanced safety. The tanks are centrally located between the engine and the IPU.

Integrated Dynamics System (IDS)

The NSX Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) provides the driver with four selectable dynamic modes—Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. The system integrates all of the vehicle’s dynamic chassis and powertrain systems—steering, brakes (mechanical and electro-servo), throttle, vehicle stability assist, magnetorheological dampers, engine, transmission, and Sport Hybrid SH-AWD control systems.

From the available all-electric operation of Quiet mode to the closed circuit, maximum performance capacities of Track mode, IDS progressively dials up the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle based on the needs of the driver and the driving environment.

In addition to these dynamic system variations, IDS varies cabin sounds via Active Exhaust Valve (AEV) and new Intake Sound Control (ISC). ISC uses twin pipes with an electrically controlled valve to vary the sound being transmitted from engine air intake system to twin outlets in the rear uppermost portions of the cabin. Utilizing these technologies, IDS is able to fine-tune cabin sound quality and volume to match the dynamic character of the vehicle in Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes. Of note, there is a full 25 dB volumetric sound difference between Quiet and Track modes—a tremendous variance in audible sensation.

    Quiet mode prioritizes electric-only driving at lower speeds, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing cabin sound. The vehicle uses the TMU for initial launch from a standstill. When power demand requires the engine, it starts more quietly than in other modes and maximum engine speed is limited to 4,000 rpm, while the Active Exhaust and Intake Sound Control valves are closed for a more hushed operation. The transmission shift map also prioritizes lower engine speeds. The Driver Interface (tachometer and center console information display screen) features a cool and quiet blue color.
    Sport mode takes advantage of the Sport Hybrid system to offer the driver a direct responsive vehicle or a more relaxed vehicle according to their driving inputs. Compared to Quiet Mode, it eliminates the 4,000 rpm limit on the engine and provides a more aggressive throttle map for quicker response. A more aggressive transmission shift map holds gears longer and allows higher rpm shift points. The Intake Sound Control system and the Active Exhaust Valve are activated, allowing exhaust and intake sound to permeate the cabin for a more emotional driving experience. Like the Quiet mode, sport mode provides idle stop function. The Sport setting is the default setting in normal vehicle operation.
    Sport+ prioritizes maximum drivetrain response and dynamic performance with faster up- and down-shifts of the 9 DCT and still more aggressive throttle mapping. Maximum use of the electric motor torque provides more explosive acceleration. Increased agility is achieved by harmonizing a more aggressive Direct Yaw Control setting that works in concert with the magnetorheological dampers, Agile Handling Assist, and the Electric Power Steering System—perfect for a spirited drive on a winding road. It also offers the driver a higher degree of steering feedback, while intake and exhaust note sounds via Active Sound Control are further increased for an even more exhilarating and emotional driving experience. The TFT Meter sports an aggressive yellow “con-trail” along the tachometer needle supporting easy recognition of engine RPM. Red highlights for the center console information display also reinforce that the driver is in now in Sport+ mode.|
    Optimized for circuit driving, Track mode invokes the most aggressive settings and parameters to deliver the fastest and most consistent lap times possible, along with maximum acceleration from a standstill when utilizing launch control mode). The braking system offers enhanced performance-oriented pedal feel. Up/down gearshift execution of the DCT and performance of the Super Hybrid SH-AWD and active driver aids (VSA, AHA) are programmed to support circuit limit driving, and an even greater amount of engine intake sound permeates the cabin for a more heightened and emotional driving experience offering enahanced driver feedback even when wearing a helmet.This setting also prioritizes the lithium-ion battery state-of-charge to maintain a consistent level of torque delivery and direct yaw moment from the three electric motors to ensure consistent dynamic response and lap times.

Of note, the VSA operation is progressively “loosened” from the IDS Quiet mode up to Track mode, enabling a progressively higher degree of freedom for the driver in exploring the dynamic capabilities of the NSX. In “Track” mode, the VSA system can also be completely disabled by the driver. The NSX IDS system has the world’s first custom setting menu that allows the driver to configure the vehicle’s mode during startup. For example, drivers can program the car to always start in Quiet or Sport mode, along with the ability to schedule the NSX to operate exclusively in Quiet mode during any specified time period such as the early morning to avoid waking the neighborhood.

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By combining timeless NSX values and advanced technologies to create zero delay performance in all aspects of the vehicle, the next generation 2017 Acura NSX represents a completely new and uniquely Acura expression of what a supercar should be—with superior ergonomics, groundbreaking design and supercar thrills every day without compromise.

In challenging to create a New Sports eXperience the next generation NSX will provide an intense and personal connection between the driver and machine that establishes a new and paradigm-challenging definition of supercar performance.

2017 ACURA NSX: Specifications and Features

Preliminary information, subject to change
Power Unit
Sport Hybrid SH-AWD Power Unit    Front wheels: mechanically independent from rear power unit components, two electric motors (Twin Motor Unit); Rear wheels: Twin-turbocharged V-6 gasoline engine with one Direct Drive Motor and 9-speed DCT
Maximum Total System Power    573 hp
Approx. Top Speed    191 mph
Type    Twin-turbocharged DOHC V6
Layout     Longitudinally mid-mounted
Displacement    3493 cc
Horsepower – SAE Net    500 hp @ 6500-7500 rpm
Torque    406 lb.-ft. @ 2000-6000 rpm
Maximum Engine Speed    7500 rpm
Power Output Per Liter    143 hp/liter
Bore and Stroke    3.6 in. x 3.5 in.
Compression Ratio    10.0:1
Valve Train    24 Valve, IN/EX VTC, chain-driven camshafts
Intake Valve Construction    Forged steel
Exhaust Valve Construction    Forged steel , sodium-filled
Valve Angle    30 degrees (include angle)
Cylinder Block and Head Material    Aluminum alloy
Cylinder Bore Lining    Plasma transferred wire arc thermal spray
Cylinder Bank Angle    75 degrees
Crankshaft Construction    Forged steel
Piston Construction    Cast aluminum with integrated cooling channel
Connecting Rod Construction    Forged steel, dowel pin
Fuel Injection    Direct and port
Throttle Control    Drive-by-Wire throttle system
Fuel Requirement    Premium unleaded
Lubrication    Dry sump system with 6-rotor scavenge pump
Oil Type    Synthetic 0W-40
Cooling system    Liquid and oil cooling
Exhaust System Layout    Dual catalytic converter, dual path per bank
Turbocharger Type    Single vane
Maximum Boost Pressure    105 kPa (1.05 bar)
Turbine Construction    Inconel
Wastegate Control    Electrical
Recirculation Valves    Air bypass type
Intercooler Dimensions    Width 232.2 mm; Height 382 mm; Thickness 64 mm
Type    Water-cooled motor/generator
Layout    Direct drive situated between engine & transmission; Crankshaft output shaft-attached permanent magnet rotor & in-engine body- copper windings
Horsepower @ rpm    47 @ 3000
Torque @ rpm)    109 lb.-ft. @ 500-2000
Type    9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (9DCT)
1st Gear Ratio    3.838
2nd    2.433
3rd    1.778
4th    1.428
5th    1.211
6th    1.038
7th    0.881
8th    0.747
9th    0.634
Reverse    2.395
Rear Axle Ratio    3.583
Limited Slip Differential – Wet Multi Plate    Torque bias ratio: Drive 2.0, Coast 2.6, 30N-m Pre load
Type    Twin traction motor/generator
Layout    Independent, twin motors packaged back-to-back with a single clutch, gear-linked system
Horsepower @ rpm    36 + 36  @ 4000
Torque @ rpm    54 +54 lb.-ft. @ 0-2000
Integrated Dynamics System    Four-mode system: Quiet, Sport, Sport+, Track
Hill Start Assist    
Idle-Stop System    
Chassis Type    Aluminum-intensive, Multi Material
Body/Frame Construction    Multi-material (primarily aluminum) space frame with aluminum and low-density SMC outer panels, and cast aluminum suspension mounting points
Ablation Cast Aluminum Nodes    Complex high performance aluminum castings for crush zones; World’s first automotive application
Corrosion Pre-Treatment    Zirconium pre-treat material; Environmentally friendly
A-Pillar Structure    3-D Bent and Quenched ultra high-strength steel (1500 Mpa); World’s first application
Floor Panel    Carbon fiber core
Front Suspension Type    Double-wishbone, double lower control arm; aluminum
Front Dampers    Active Gen III magnetorheological coilovers
Front Stabilizer Bar    Hollow steel, 1.04 in. diameter x 0.13 in. wall thickness
Rear Supension Type    Multi-link; aluminum
Rear Dampers    Active Gen III magnetorheological coilovers
Rear Stabilizer Bar    Hollow steel; 0.98 in. diameter x 0.12 in. wall thickness
Front Brake Calipers    Brembo 6-piston aluminum monoblock
Front Brake Rotor Type    Base: 2-Pc Floating Iron Disks w/ Aluminum center
Option: 2-Pc Floating Carbon Ceramic Disks w/ Aluminum center
Front Brake Rotor Size    Iron: 14.5 in. diameter x 1.3 in. thick
Carbon ceramic: 15 in. diameter x 1.3 in. thick
Rear Brake Calipers    Brembo 4-piston Aluminum Monoblock
Rear Brake Rotor Type    Base: 2-Pc Floating Iron Disks w/ Aluminum center
Option: 2-Pc Floating Carbon Ceramic Disks w/ Aluminum center
Rear Brake Rotor Size    14.2 in. dia. X 1.3 in. thick (both iron and carbon ceramic)
Steering Type    Variable ratio rack & pinion; Dual-pinion EPS
Steering Wheel Turns, Lock-to-Lock    1.91
Steering Ratio    Variable progressive; Range: 12.9:1 (on center) to 11.07:1
Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb (ft)    39.7 ft
Front Wheels    19×8.5J Forged Aluminum
Front Tires    245/35ZR19 93Y SOT
Rear Wheels    20x11J Forged Aluminum
Rear Tires    305/30ZR20 103Y SOT
Spare Tire    Tire Repair Kit
Fuel Tank Layout    Twin fuel tanks mounted between the engine and IPU
Wheelbase    103.5 in.
Length    176 in.
Height    47.8 in.
Width    87.3 in
Track (front/rear)    65.2 in. / 63.7 in.
Ground Clearance (unladen)    3.7 in.
Approach/Departure Angles    9.2° / 12.9°
Fuel Tank Capacity    15.6 gal
Curb Weight (without options)    3,803 lbs.
Weight Distribution (front / rear without options)    42% / 58%
Seating Capacity    2
Headroom    38.3 in.
Legroom    42.8 in.
Shoulder Room    57.6 in.
Hip Room    54.5 in.
Cargo Volume (behind rear engine compartment)    3.9 ft3
Passenger Volume    44.0 ft3
Fuel Economy Ratings    TBD
Fuel Type    Premium
Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control    
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)    
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)    
Brake Assist    
Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines    
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Location and Pressure Indicators    
LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)    
Single-Stage Driver, Dual-Stage Passenger, Multiple-Threshold Front Airbags (SRS)    
SmartVent® Front Side Airbags    
One-Row Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor    
3-Point Seat Belts with Automatic Tensioning System    
Upper Tether for Child Seat on Passenger-Side    
Driver’s and Passenger’s Seat-Belt Reminder    
Cruise Control    
Auto High-Beam Headlights    
Corner and Backup Sensors    
Flush-mounted automatic power pop-out door handles     Auto pop out upon approach with keyless entry fob
Capless Fuel Filler    
Radio Antenna    Integrated front windshield type
Acoustic Windshield    
Acoustic Glass Rear Cabin Window    
LED Brake Lights    
Variable Intermittent Wipers    
Remote keyless Smart Entry system    
Side Mirrors    Body-colored power heated with reverse auto tilt-down and integrated LED turn indicators; Optional memory feature
Security System    
Headlamps    Acura Jewel Eye™ LED type with Auto-On/Off
Body Panels    Composite
Roof Panel    Aluminum or optional exposed-weave carbon fiber
Beverage Holder    Two-cup holder unit that slides into a slot in the center console on passenger side
Automatic Air Conditioning with air filtration system    
Push Button Start    
Active Noise Control™ (ANC)    
Active Sound Control (ASC)    
Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down    
Power Door Locks    
Cruise Control    
Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column (manual)    
Center Console Storage    Multi-functional storage system
Lockable Glove Compartment    
12-Volt Power Outlet    
Power Remote Fuel Filler Door Release    
Rear Engine Compartment Window Defroster w/ Timer    
Cargo Area Light    
Cargo Area Tie-Down Anchors (4 Total)    Optional accessory cargo net
Illuminated Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls    Cruise / Audio / Phone / Display Audio
Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control System with Humidity Control and Air Filtration    
HomeLink® Remote System    
Frameles Automatic-Dimming Rearview Mirror    
Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel    Available carbon fiber trim
LED Interior Ambient Lighting    
Leather–Trimmed Instrument Panel    
Leather-Trimmed Door Panels    
Alcantara Roof Lining    
Seats    Perforated leather and Alcantara-trimmed with manual adjusters; Optional 4-way power adjusters
Seat Leather    Milano leather standard; Semi-aniline leather option
Heated Seats    
7-Inch Display Audio with High-Resolution WVGA (800×480) Electrostatic Touch-Screen and Customizable Feature Settings    
Audio System    Standard Audio system: 8 speakers, including subwoofer
Optional ELS Studio Premium Audio system: 9 speakers, including subwoofer
Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®    
Bluetooth® Streaming Audio    
MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack    MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack
USB Audio Interface    2USB ports in car
(In glove box) 1.0Amp charge capability & USB connection without Carplay & Android auto connectivity
(In console box) 1.5Amp charge capavility & USB connection with Carplay & Android auto connectivity
AcuraLink® Next Generation    
SMS Text Message Function    
SiriusXM® Radio    Option
Pandora® Compatibility    
Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic    
HDMI Interface    In rear console
HD Radio™    
Siri Eyes Free    
Android Auto    
Apple CarPlay    
Digital Speedometer    TFT Screen
Tachometer    TFT Screen
Coolant Temperature Indicator    Analog gauge
Fuel Level Indicator    Analog gauge
4.2-Inch Color TFT Screen    8-Inch Color TFT Screen
Integrated Dynamics System-linked Dynamic Meters    Meter Graphics Color change: Quiet-Blue; Sport-White; Sport+ and Track-Red
Average Fuel Economy Indicator    
Gear Position Indicator    
Instant Fuel Economy Indicator    
Miles-to-Empty Indicator    
Odometer and Trip Meters (2)    
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Tire Fill Assist and Location and Pressure Indicators    
Exterior Temperature Indicator    
Turn-By-Turn Directions    
Customizable Feature Settings    
Valencia Red Pearl    
Nouvelle Blue Pearl    
Casino White Pearl    
Source Silver Metallic    
Nord Gray Metallic    
Curva Red    
130R White    
Berlina Black    
Ebony    All interior colors are available with all exterior colors
Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package    Carbon fiber front spoiler, side sills, rear diffuser;
Dark chrome exhaust finisher
Carbon Fiber Engine Cover    
Carbon Fiber Roof    
Carbon Ceramic Brake Rotors    Includes choice of black, red or silver brake calipers
Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler    
Exclusive Interwoven Aluminum Alloy Wheels    Choice of machined, painted or polished finish
Technology Package – ELS Studio Audio System    Includes 9 speakers, Navigation, AcuraLink, front and rear parking sensors
Technology Package – ELS Studio Audio with XM Satellite Radio    Same as above and adds XM Satellite radio
Interior Carbon Fiber Sport Package    Includes carbon fiber meter visor and steering wheel garnish, aluminum foot rest and sport pedals
Alcantara Headliner    Black

[Source: Acura]
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Re: Noutati ACURA
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Acura USA November 2015 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

American Honda Reports November Car and Truck Sales

Dec 1, 2015 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    Robust Honda and Acura truck sales continue on record annual pace
    Honda Pilot gains 19 percent as sales surpass 10,000 for the month
    Acura RDX sets new November sales record, climbing 7.4 percent on sales of 3,691
    All-new 2016 Honda Civic pushes 8.6 percent model gain as first customers take deliveries in mid-November
    Accord, Civic and CR-V remain on pace to top 1 million units for the year

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported November sales of 115,441 Honda and Acura vehicles, a decrease of 5.2 percent in a month with two fewer selling days and one less weekend vs. a record-setting November 2014. Honda Division sold 103,197 units, with car sales reaching 53,900 and truck sales totaling 49,297 for the month. Acura sales totaled 12,244, with sedan sales of 4,461 and trucks reaching 7,783 units in November.


Acura truck sales remain on pace for a record year with combined sales of MDX and RDX approaching the 100,000-unit mark for 2015, while Acura sedan sales are up more than 20% in 2015, topping 60,000 units for the first time since 2013.

    Acura’s athletic RDX set a new November record, climbing 7.4 percent on sales of 3,691 vehicles.
    TLX sales of 43,572 units through the first 11 months of 2015 has now nearly tripled the 2014 combined sales total of the TLX and the outgoing TL and TSX models it replaced.

“With the Acura brand on track for our fifth consecutive year of increased sales and our best annual sales total since 2007 we continue to build strong momentum toward next year’s celebration of Acura’s 30th anniversary,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura division. “We also recognize and embrace the challenges of an ultra-competitive luxury market as we sharpen our portfolio with products like the technologically advanced NSX and continue to build the brand with highly desirable vehicles throughout the lineup.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for November 2015
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   November    November    DSR**    November    November    DSR**
   2015    2014    % Chg.    2015    2014    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    12,244    14,857    -10.4%    160,342    150,034    7.3%
ILX    1,353    1,652    -11.0%    16,571    16,124    3.1%
RLX/RL    120    225    -42.0%    2,036    3,180    -35.7%
TL    1    78    -98.6%    88    10,540    -99.2%
TLX    2,987    4,233    -23.3%    43,572    15,293    185.9%
TSX    0    20    -100.0%    35    6,270    -99.4%
MDX    4,092    5,210    -14.6%    51,954    58,842    -11.4%
RDX    3,691    3,436    16.8%    46,084    39,709    16.5%
ZDX    0    3    -100.0%    2    76    -97.4%
*** ILX Hybrid    0    10    -100.0%    22    370    -94.0%
*** RLX Hybrid    13    37    -61.8%    234    104    125.8%
*** TSX Wagon    0    2    -100.0%    2    637    -99.7%
Selling Days    23    25       280    281    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]
- See more at:

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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #24 : Ianuarie 07, 2016, 06:30:28 a.m. »

Acura USA December 2015 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

American Honda Sets New All-Time Annual Sales Record

Jan 5, 2016 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    Total combined annual Honda & Acura vehicle sales eclipse previous record set in 2007 with a 3.0 percent gain over 2014
    Honda Division records its best-ever year in 2015, gaining 2.6 percent
    Total Honda & Acura trucks set new all-time annual marks, up 9.7 percent in 2015
    Honda CR-V maintains position atop SUV market with fourth straight annual record
    American Honda also sets all-time record for month of December

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported all-time record annual sales of 1,586,551 Honda and Acura vehicles for 2015, an increase of 3.0 percent to beat the previous record set in 2007. Honda and Acura truck sales also set a new annual record, gaining 9.7 percent on sales of 770,424. Honda Division sales topped last year`s record to set a new annual mark, rising 2.6 percent on sales of 1,409,386 units. Acura sales totaled 177,165, a 5.6 percent increase for the year and the division’s best result since 2007.

“What better way to celebrate the “Year of Honda” than with an all-time automobile sales record,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of the Automobile Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.  “We are grateful to our customers who embraced our entire product lineup and are the true power behind the Honda brand.”


The Acura Division enjoyed its best sales year since 2007, with strong performances from both sedans and trucks. The updated RDX set a new record and MDX recorded another year of sales over 50,000, despite limited inventory in last quarter of the year. Sedans also played a key role, with the TLX leading the way to take a larger share of the mid-luxury sedan segment.

    One of the hottest players in a hot luxury SUV segment, the Acura RDX set an all-time annual sales record, climbing 13.7 percent on sales of 51,026 vehicles.
    MDX exceeded 50,000 sales for the fourth straight year and continues to be the best-selling luxury three-row SUV in America.
    TLX sales of 47,080 and a stronger performance from ILX as the gateway to the sedan lineup helped boost Acura sedan sales more than 18 percent in 2015.
    Acura enjoyed a fourth consecutive year of sales growth in 2015 with 177,165 vehicles sold, gaining 5.6 percent for the year.
    Acura truck sales exceeded 100,000 for the second straight year.

“The Acura brand continues on its steady march, now four years strong— with both our sales and brand power gaining increasing momentum with both trucks and sedans,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura division. “Importantly for our future, Acura sedans continue to gain strength – which will be our critical focus in the next phase of our strategic plan.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for December 2015
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   December    December    DSR**    December    December    DSR**
   2015    2014    % Chg.    2015    2014    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    16,823    17,809    -12.3%    177,165    167,843    5.2%
ILX    1,960    1,730    5.2%    18,531    17,854    3.5%
RLX/RL    159    233    -36.6%    2,195    3,413    -35.9%
TL    0    76    -100.0%    88    10,616    -99.2%
TLX    3,508    3,834    -15.0%    47,080    19,127    145.3%
TSX    0    17    -100.0%    35    6,287    -99.4%
MDX    6,254    6,761    -14.1%    58,208    65,603    -11.6%
RDX    4,942    5,156    -11.0%    51,026    44,865    13.4%
ZDX    0    2    -100.0%    2    78    -97.4%
*** ILX Hybrid    1    9    -89.7%    23    379    -94.0%
*** RLX Hybrid    16    29    -48.8%    250    133    87.4%
*** TSX Wagon    0    3    -100.0%    2    640    -99.7%
Selling Days    28    26       308    307    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]
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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #25 : Aprilie 23, 2016, 07:21:38 p.m. »
Acura Tops Luxury Brands in 2016 Best Retained Value Awards

Official release from

Acura Delivers Highest Projected Residual Value of all Luxury Brands for Fifth Straight Year, According to

Apr 22, 2016 – TORRANCE, Calif.

Acura has taken the luxury crown for projected retained value for the fifth consecutive year, earning the Edmunds Best Retained Value® award for luxury brands. Acura tops all eligible luxury brands with the highest projected residual value of 47.6 percent after five years of ownership based on the average Edmunds True MarketValue® (TMV®) price when sold as new. Acura has been presented a brand-level Best Retained Value award more than any other luxury brand in the award’s six-year history.

“Topping the Edmunds rankings for projected retained value for eligible luxury brands for the fifth straight year is an important validation of our total focus on delivering precision crafted performance in every facet of what it means to own an Acura vehicle,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura Division. “Acura products continue to set the benchmark in the luxury market by providing customers with a unique combination of luxury and performance, leading-edge safety technology and exceptional long-term quality, reliability and durability.”

In addition to capturing the Best Retained Value award for luxury brands, Acura was named the top luxury brand by KBB for having the lowest cost of ownership over a five-year period. Acura was lauded by KBB with a ‘Five Year Cost to Own’ award for offering content-rich vehicles coupled with class-leading fuel-efficiency and high resale values for an overall projected low cost of ownership over a five year period. These industry accolades come as Acura closed out 2015 by posting its fourth consecutive year of sales increases and the brand’s best sales year since 2007.

As Acura celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016, the brand is on the eve of launching the next-generation NSX supercar as well as a significantly restyled MDX luxury SUV, the best-selling three row luxury SUV of all-time. Along with strong sales momentum and a robust lineup of precision crafted automobiles, Acura captures a greater rate of Millennials than any other luxury brand in America, and the RDX luxury SUV and ILX sport sedan each lead their segment with these coveted buyers1.

About the Best Retained Value Brand Award from Edmunds

To be eligible for an 2016 Best Retained Value Brand Award®, a brand must have had more than 100,000 unit sales in 2015 and have eligible models competing within at least four vehicle type categories. Each model year 2016 vehicle that was launched by the end of 2015, that achieved unit sales in February 2016 that represented at least 25 percent of average unit sales for the models in its vehicle type category, and for which there was at least three months of Edmunds True Market Value® data was eligible for this year’s model-level Best Retained Value® Awards. Edmunds determined each model’s vehicle type category for the 2016 awards based on its body type segment; for certain categories, the size of the model within its body type segment; and for certain categories, the model’s price and/or its competitive segment. More details on’s Best Retained Value® Awards can be found at

1Based on IHS Automotive, Polk new U.S. retail vehicle registrations as a percentage of overall brand sales for all luxury brands, the Luxury Compact CUV segment, and the Luxury Traditional Subcompact segment and age of head of household data for 18-34 year olds for CY2015.

[Source: Acura]

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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #26 : August 09, 2016, 09:04:43 p.m. »

Acura USA July 2016 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

Honda Sets New Car and Truck Sales Records as American Honda Reports July Sales

Aug 2, 2016 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    American Honda sets new all-time record for total truck sales and a July record for total vehicle sales
    Honda Division truck sales reach an all-time monthly high with 68,518 sold, an increase of 12.2 percent
    Honda CR-V shatters all-time monthly record on sales of 36,017, a 13.3 percent increase
    Honda Civic sets new July record; joined by the Accord with sales of over 31,000 units
    New 2017 MDX and NSX deliveries boost Acura in July

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported July sales of 152,799 Honda and Acura vehicles, a 4.4 percent gain over last July and a new July record. Total American Honda truck sales set a new all-time monthly record of 77,740 sales to jump 10.1 percent. The Honda Division set a new July total vehicle sales record, rising 5.9 percent on sales of 139,125, while Honda trucks set an all-time monthly record with a 12.2 percent increase on sales of 68,518 vehicles. Honda car sales were up 0.4 percent for the month, netting 70,607 sales. The Acura Division, though gaining momentum with the launch of key new models, posted July sales of 13,674, a decrease of 8.3 percent versus last year.


The Acura brand’s renewed commitment to Precision Crafted Performance continues to take shape in dealer showrooms with the first deliveries of the all-new Acura NSX and the refreshed 2017 Acura MDX – the first model to reflect the new design direction that debuted with the Acura Precision Concept. On the market just five weeks, the newly-refreshed 2017 MDX posted strong sales of 4,902 units in July despite inventory issues related to the ramp-up of production. The NSX has brought high energy and excitement to Acura showrooms as the world’s first customers of NSX begin to take delivery of the only supercar made in America.

“The first deliveries of the all-new Acura NSX are electrifying Acura showrooms and generating tremendous excitement for all Acura customers,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda. “Showcasing the Acura brand’s new design direction, the 2017 MDX is the next step in our commitment to deliver on Precision Crafted Performance.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for July 2016
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   July    July    DSR**    July    July    DSR**
   2016    2015    % Chg.    2016    2015    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    13,674    14,915    -8.3%    92,668    102,002    -9.2%
ILX    1,201    1,613    -25.5%    9,659    10,084    -4.2%
NSX    21    0    0.0%    23    0    0.0%
RLX/RL    106    213    -50.2%    833    1,413    -41.0%
TL    0    3    -100.0%    0    84    -100.0%
TLX    3,124    3,530    -11.5%    22,037    25,702    -14.3%
TSX    0    2    -100.0%    3    30    -90.0%
MDX    4,902    4,977    -1.5%    29,517    34,397    -14.2%
RDX    4,320    4,577    -5.6%    30,596    30,290    1.0%
ZDX    0    0    0.0%    0    2    -100.0%
*** ILX Hybrid    0    0    0.0%    1    19    -94.7%
*** RLX Hybrid    11    28    -60.7%    115    147    -21.8%
*** TSX Wagon    0    0    0.0%    0    2    -100.0%
Selling Days    26    26       178    178    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]
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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #27 : Mai 05, 2017, 06:59:40 p.m. »
Acura USA April 2017 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

American Honda Reports April Sales with Record for Honda Trucks

May 2, 2017 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    Honda Division sales up 1.2 percent for first four months of 2017
    CR-V posts fifth straight record month, up 26.6 percent for the year
    HR-V sets new April record, up 25.5 percent for the year
    Civic and Accord sales remain strong with retail customers
    Acura TLX sales jump 39.1 percent in April

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported April sales of 138,386 Honda and Acura vehicles, a decrease of 7.0 percent from year-ago results. The Honda Division saw a decrease of 6.3 percent on sales of 124,254 vehicles, while Honda trucks were up year-over-year, posting a 1.2 percent gain on sales of 61,114 units. Acura Division sales of 14,132 cars and SUVs were up from last month and were led by the TLX sedan with a 39.1 percent jump in April versus year-ago results.


Acura division sales of 14,132 units were led by TLX, which posted its best month since October 2015 on sales of 5,258 units, up 39.1 percent from last April, following a strong first-quarter marketing campaign.  Next month TLX will receive an additional boost with the launch of the significantly redesigned 2018 model, with three distinct variants including a new V6-powered A-Spec model, adding aggressive new styling to the performance luxury sedan.

    TLX recorded its best-ever April and second best month ever on sales of 5,258 units, up 39.1 percent over last year
    Acura light truck sales remained strong with MDX and RDX combining for sales of over 7,845 units, with the launch of the new 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid expected to boost sales in the months ahead.

“We’re seeing our new marketing efforts resonate with buyers with TLX posting strong sales in a tough segment,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president & general manager of Acura. “With the new 2018 TLX launching next month, including the all-new A-Spec model, we look forward to broadening our appeal with performance-focused buyers.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for April 2017
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   April    April    DSR**    April    April    DSR**
   2017    2016    % Chg.    2017    2016    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    14,132    16,206    -9.4%    45,894    54,081    -14.3%
ILX    832    1,633    -47.1%    3,088    5,920    -47.3%
NSX    91    0    0.0%    224    0    0.0%
RLX    106    156    -29.4%    399    487    -17.3%
TLX    5,258    3,779    44.5%    12,382    12,866    -2.8%
MDX    4,052    4,733    -11.1%    15,008    16,689    -9.2%
RDX    3,793    5,905    -33.3%    14,793    18,117    -17.5%
*** MDX Sport Hybrid    57    0    0.0%    57    0    0.0%
*** RLX Hybrid    22    19    20.2%    90    68    33.7%
Selling Days    26    27       101    102    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]

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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #28 : Decembrie 09, 2017, 09:01:15 a.m. »
Acura USA November 2017 Sales Report

New Sales Records Set as Honda and Acura Make Substantial Gains in November
Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

Dec 1, 2017 – TORRANCE, Calif.

    Total American Honda sales rise 8.3% for a new November record; trucks also set record with 14.9% gain
    Honda Division sets new November sales mark, gaining 8.2%
    Honda Trucks have best-ever November sales with 15.8% increase
    Honda Civic nets new November record as sales jump 23.2%
    Honda Pilot with increased supply smashes previous November best with 57.2% gain
    Acura Division sales rise a robust 9.5% for the month, as both cars & trucks gain
    Acura RDX gets new record with all-time best November
    Acura TLX sales climb 12.4% in November

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported November sales of 133,156 Honda and Acura vehicles, an increase of 8.3 percent over November 2016 and a new November record for the company. Honda Division reported an increase of 8.2 percent on total sales of 120,440 for a best-ever November, with cars rising 0.9 percent on sales of 57,459, and Honda trucks up 15.8 percent on sales of 62,981 for yet another new record. Acura Division sales climbed 9.5 percent in November, with cars gaining 11 percent on sales of 3,600 and trucks rising 8.9 percent on sales of 9,116 units.


Rising across virtually the entire lineup, Acura sales gained a solid 9.5 percent in November. MDX sales were up substantially with the move to the East Liberty, Ohio plant alongside stablemate RDX.  NSX made big strides, while TLX gained 12.4 percent over November 2016.

    MDX sales gained 15.6 percent for the month, with 5,341 units sold.
    RDX set a new November record, rising 0.7 percent on sales of 3,775 vehicles.
    NSX notched sales of 83 units, a gain of 62.7 percent over November 2016.
    TLX sales were up 12.4 percent on sales of 2,564 in November.

“The Acura brand continued its market resurgence at a steady pace benefitting from product, marketing and sales efforts, all aligned behind our Precision Crafted Performance brand direction,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president & general manager of Acura Sales. “Our focus for the remainder of the year is to continue to build momentum we can take into 2018.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for November 2017
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   November    November    DSR**    November    November    DSR**
   2017    2016    % Chg.    2017    2016    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    12,716    11,616    9.5%    139,540    144,212    -3.2%
ILX    824    772    6.7%    10,922    13,518    -19.2%
NSX    83    51    62.7%    525    201    161.2%
RLX    129    140    -7.9    1,051    1,286    -18.3%
TLX    2,564    2,281    12.4%    31,745    33,535    -5.3%
MDX    5,341    4,622    15.6%    48,810    49,252    -0.9%
RDX    3,775    3,750    0.7%    46,487    46,416    0.2%
*** RLX Hybrid    36    33    9.1%    223    204    9.3%
***MDX Sport Hybrid    301    0    0.0%    1,579    0    0.0%
Selling Days    25    25       280    280    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]
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Re: Noutati ACURA
« Răspuns #29 : Ianuarie 05, 2018, 10:40:50 a.m. »
Acura USA December 2017 Sales Report

Official release from Acura Media Newsroom:

American Honda Sets 3rd Straight Annual Sales Record with Best-Ever December for Trucks

Jan 3, 2018- TORRANCE, Calif.

    American Honda breaks all-time annual record for total Honda and Acura vehicle sales with 1,641,429 units in 2017, a gain of 0.2%
    New light truck annual sales mark set for Honda and Acura combined, rising 3.3%
    Honda Division sets 4th consecutive annual sales record, up 0.7% on sales of 1,486,827 in 2017 with all-time sales marks for Civic, CR-V and HR-V
    Honda trucks achieve best month ever (up 3.4%) and annual (up 4.1%) sales
    Acura RDX tops 50,000 units in sales for the third year in a row

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) today reported its third consecutive all-time annual sales record on sales of 1,641,429 Honda and Acura vehicles in 2017, an increase of 0.2 percent over its previous best set in 2016. AHM also set new annual and monthly sales records for light trucks, recording 840,450 sales in 2017 for a 3.3 percent gain, and 86,740 sales in December, rising 1.4 percent. The Honda Division also reported record annual sales, gaining 0.7 percent on total vehicle sales of 1,486,827 while Honda trucks set new December and annual records, rising 3.4 percent on December sales of 75,856 and 4.1 percent on 2017 sales of 734,269. Total Acura Division sales declined 12.2 percent in December on sales of 15,062, and 4.2 percent in 2017 on total vehicle sales of 154,602.

Acura recorded its best sales month in 2017 in December, showing a positive trend with sales increasing over the last three months of the year. In addition to strong truck sales for RDX and MDX, sedan sales showed promise with TLX topping 3,000 sales in December.

    RDX ended 2017 with 51,295 sales for the year, the only vehicle in the fast-growing entry luxury SUV segment with three consecutive years above 50,000 units in sales – a critical foundation for the all-new RDX Prototype that will make its world debut the North American International Auto Show this month.

“The continued strength of the RDX is a great foundation for the next-generation RDX we will debut to the world in prototype form in Detroit later this month,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president & general manager of Acura Sales. “This is the first in a new generation of Acura products based on our Precision Crafted Performance brand direction and we’re pleased to reach this moment with growing momentum for the Acura brand.”
American Acura Vehicle Sales for December 2017
   Month-to-Date    Year-to-Date
   December    December    DSR**    December    December    DSR**
   2017    2016    % Chg.    2017    2016    % Chg.
Acura Division Total    15,062    17,148    -8.8%    154,602    161,360    -3.9%
ILX    835    1,079    -19.6%    11,757    14,597    -19.2%
NSX    56    68    -14.5%    581    269    116.7%
RLX    186    192    0.6    1,237    1,478    -16.0%
TLX    3,101    3,621    -11.1%    34,846    37,156    -5.9%
MDX    6,076    6,243    1.1%    54,886    55,495    -0.8%
RDX    4,808    5,945    -16.0%    51,295    52,361    -1.7%
*** RLX Hybrid    69    31    131.1%    292    235    24.7%
***MDX Sport Hybrid    228    0    0.0%    1,807    0    0.0%
Selling Days    26    27       306    307    
* Honda and Acura vehicles are made of domestic & global sourced parts
** Daily Selling Rate
*** Memo line items are included in the respective model total

[Source: Acura]

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