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Honda Releases First Photos of its 2014 Civic WTCC Race Car

While Honda has chosen to race the Civic Tourer in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), the Japanese carmaker continues to approach the World Touring Car Championship in a more traditional way, choosing the Civic hatchback for the job.

Following the teaser rendering released late last year, Honda has now revealed the real 2014 Civic WTCC works car, albeit with camouflage gear. The first two images of the new Civic racer were taken earlier this year during its first test session in Aragon, Northern Spain.

The design of the new Civic WTCC reflects the latest technical regulations for the FIA WTCC and stands out because of the wheel arch extensions, larger diameter wheels, sleeker aero package and extended rear spoiler.

Under the banner of the “Castrol Honda World Touring Car Team”, Honda will enter two works cars in 2014, driven by Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro and run by J.A.S. Motorsport. Private outfits Zengő Motorsport and Proteam Racing will also compete for honors with two further Civics, driven by Hungary’s Norbert Michelisz and Moroccan Mehdi Bennani respectively.

Honda’s objectives for the 2014 WTCC season are clear: the carmaker wants to win both the manufacturer’s and the driver’s titles.

“We achieved four victories and captured the manufacturer’s title last season in the FIA World Touring Car Championship, the WTCC, which was our first year of full-participation,” said Honda CEO Takanobu Ito. “In this season, we will strive to win the double title for driver’s and manufacturer’s with a total of four machines including a works team and two private teams,” the executive added.


Honda unveiled the livery of its WTCC racer, earlier this week during the press conference that took place at Geneva’s Salon International de l’Automobile.

Just like last year, the Civic WTCC sports the colours of the Castrol Honda World Touring Car Team, however the 2014 car has a much sexier look thanks to the new TC1 technical regulations that have been adopted by the championship.

Honda factory drivers Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro were called on the stage and posed for pictures alongside their racing car.

Philip Ross, Vice President Honda Motor Europe said: “With the new cars the WTCC will be a fast-paced and fiercely competitive championship. And our goal is to fight for both the Drivers’ and Manufacturers’ titles.”

Donald Smith, Castrol's Global Sponsorship Manager, commenting on the new Civic WTCC said: "We are delighted to extend our partnership with Honda, after a first successful season. For us, there is something special about the coming together of two brands with such rich and successful racing pedigrees. The new livery looks absolutely fantastic, with Castrol and Honda once again sharing the red and the white!"

The new Honda Civic Type R Concept was revealed today at the Geneva Motor Show.

Described by the design team as a ‘racing car for the road’ rather than a high performance version of a road car, the new Type R looks is set to be the most extreme Civic Type R yet. Its sleek and aerodynamic profile reflects a car designed for function and performance whilst maintaining the look of a road car and the distinctive character of Type R.

“The Type R represents Honda’s racing spirit. It is built with a passion for motorsport,” said Masaru Hasegawa – Chief Stylist.
Honda’s successful return to WTCC in 2013, has been instrumental in gathering knowledge that has helped shape the new Type R.

After achieving in 2012 the ambitious goal of exceeding the half-billion of viewers worldwide, the WTCC continued in 2013 to improve its TV audience figures.

According to the final report issued by REPUCOM, the Germany-based sports research firm, cumulated audience for the 2013 season totaled to 557 million viewers that equates to an 8.9% increase compared to the previous year.

In 2013, 111 TV channels broadcasted at least one of the WTCC events, reaching 188 countries worldwide and this amounted to 1176 hours of broadcasting hours, 8.7% more than in 2012.


Honda unleash 'Muscular' new Civic to take on FIA WTCC 2014
The FIA World Touring Car Championship 2014 starts on April 13th on the street circuit of Marrakech.

Following several thorough test sessions at the circuits of Aragon, Barcelona, Le Castellet and Valencia with the brand new Honda Civic WTCC, Honda R&D and J.A.S. Motorsport are ready for the start of the FIA WTCC 2014.

The FIA World Touring Car Championship 2014 starts on April 13th on the street circuit of Marrakech. The season ends on November 16th, with another street race in Macau. In total, the season boasts twelve events on five continents, with a total of 24 races.

The most important change is the new FIA technical rulebook, which is why the Civic WTCC now has impressive, muscular looks and a lot more power under the hood. J.A.S. Motorsport was tasked with building and developing the chassis, while Honda R&D managed to put a 380 bhp strong 1.6 litre 4 cylinder direct injection turbo-charged petrol engine in the Civic, with Mugen providing trackside support.

2013 saw the first full FIA WTCC season for the Castrol Honda World Touring Car Team. The driver pairing of Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro scored three wins, and Honda conquered the Manufacturers' Title. As the saying goes, 'Never change a winning team', and that is why the Castrol Honda World Touring Car Team Honda's official team - enters two Civics WTCC for Italian Gabriele Tarquini World Touring Car Champion in 2009 - and Tiago Monteiro from Portugal.

The official Castrol Honda World Touring Car Team will be pitted against two private teams. Hungarian Norbert Michelisz proved that he deserved his spot in the third, private Zengõ Motorsport Civic with a win last year in Suzuka. This year there will be a fourth Civic, entered by the Italian private Proteam Racing and will be in the capable hands of Moroccan Mehdi Bennani. J.A.S. Motorsport will build the cars to the same specifications as Honda's own Civic WTCC.

New Engine, New Car - Same Team Spirit

The new rules also brought more power by allowing the fitting of a larger diameter restrictor (33 mm to 36mm), and Honda R&D also took the opportunity to bring several evolutions for the 2014 version of the HR412-E.

Daisuke Horiuchi, Large Project Leader for WTCC engine development at Honda R&D said: "On top of having created a new casting for the block & sump, we also made great progress on the intake and combustion. After these first track tests, I am satisfied that the simulations we have carried on the test bench have been confirmed in real life on the track. Our only job is now to fine tune the engine management."

Commenting on the technical evolution of the Honda Civic WTCC 2014, Andrea Adamo, Chief Designer, J.A.S. Motorsport, said: "The new Civic WTCC does not have much in common with last year's Civic. Everything is new: the chassis, the engine, the suspension, the aerodynamic parts, even the size of the tyres has changed! Considering we started the project in September 2013 and were able to perform a shakedown of the new Civic WTCC in January 2014, our staff really have done an incredible job in a short amount of time."

Alessandro Mariani, Managing Director and Team Principal of J.A.S. Motorsport, said: "We are very proud that we can bring the new Civic WTCC 2014 at the start of what will be a very exciting FIA WTCC season. It has been hard work all through winter and the late rule changes did not make our lives any easier. We have set high aims, but the test sessions we completed show that we are moving in the right direction. The team spirit we've created will be essential to get us through this challenging campaign."

Honda Racing


Se anunta un an exeptional, asa cum trebuia sa fie de mult timp !!!


Twenty-two cars have been entered in the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship on a full season basis.
The largest contingent is formed by the sixteen of the new TC1 vehicles: four Honda Civics, three Citroën C-Elysées, three LADA Grantas and six Chevrolet RML Cruzes.

An additional Citroën, for Ma Qing Hua, will be entered for five events later in the season.

Six cars have been entered in the TC2 class by Liqui Moly Team Engstler (2 BMWs), Campos Racing (3 SEATs) and Nika Racing.

Team Engstler and Campos Racing are due to communicate their full line up of drivers in the next days, while Nika Racing will announce later the driver’s name and the model of the car they will run

Onyx Race Engineering informed the FIA that they have been forced to give up on their plan to compete in the championship in 2014.

In Short...


Citroën’s six-months of preparation for its first season in the WTCC resulted in a superior pace during the championship’s official test at Valencia.

Sébastien Loeb and his C-Elysée car set the pace yesterday on the Ricardo Tormo circuit, well ahead of the two factory Honda Civic cars of Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro.

The test was also the first occasion to see the brand new Chevrolet RML Cruze in action. Tom Chilton and Hugo Valente took the wheel of the cars run by ROAL Motorsport and Campos Racing respectively.

Despite an early problem with the mounting of the rear wing, that was soon solved by the teams with the help of the RML technicians, the Cruze impressed for speed and consistency considered that this was its very first test after last week’s shakedown.

It is worth noticing that the Citroën and Monteiro’s Honda were the first race cars built by the teams for the season. While Tarquini was still driving the Civic test car.

Yesterday Campos Racing young new comer John Filippi took also part in the test at the wheel of the TC2 SEAT León, while Citroën’s Ma Qing Hua tested on Thursday before handing the car to Loeb.


The Honda Castrol Team continued working flat on developing the new Honda Civic WTCC in TC1 specifications during a three-day test in Valencia.

This was only the second proper test for the Japanese car, built and run by J.A.S. Motorsport.

Commenting on the technical evolution of the car, Andrea Adamo, Chief Designer, J.A.S. Motorsport, said: “The new Civic WTCC does not have much in common with last year's Civic. Everything is new: the chassis, the engine, the suspension, the aerodynamic parts, even the size of the tyres has changed! Considering we started the project in September 2013 and were able to perform a shakedown of the new Civic WTCC in January 2014, our staff really have done an incredible job in a short amount of time.”

Speaking about the 1.6-litre turbo engine, Daisuke Horiuchi of Honda R&D said: “On top of having created a new casting for the block and sump, we also made great progress on the intake and combustion. After these first track tests, I am satisfied that the simulations we have carried on the test bench have been confirmed in real life on the track. Our only job is now to fine tune the engine management.”

Gabriele Tarquini added: “The Civic has become a nice racing car. As a driver I can only applaud such an evolution, because it is a lot of fun to drive this kind of racing car. I think I can safely say that I’ve never driven such a strong a front-wheel drive car before! The only time that I was at the wheel of a car that came close was in 2010 with a Civic in the Buenos Aires 200 Km for the Argentine TC 2000 Championship.”


At the end of his first test in the Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 car run by Campos Racing, Hugo Valente was thrilled by the car’s potential.

“The first test was good. It was difficult to know what to expect, as RML had a very tight schedule to develop the car, but they did a great job as always! We had a few problems with the rear wing on Thursday, but it was fixed for good. Besides this we did not experience any major issue; the car was reliable, which is very positive for its first test. I am also pleased with the pace we have shown, we were only a few tenth behind the two Honda cars and for myself to be only one tenth of a second slower that Tom Chilton on my first day wasn't so bad either. He's more experienced with the Chevrolet and has claimed some great results last year! The car feels great! The new regulation really made an impact on the driving and it's much more fun now! I'm really excited for the season to begin, it's a great opportunity for us to be here and I want to enjoy every second of it!” the French driver commented.


Folllowing the announcement that he will compete in the 2014 WTCC for Campos Racing, 19-year old French John Filippi tested the team’s SEAT León at Valencia.

“I have weighed different options for starting a professional career. After making different tests I chose WTCC because I feel it represents the better opportunity. It is a competitive world championship that involves important manufacturers and famous drivers, and benefits from a global TV coverage. I know it will be a diffficult task, but my target is to gain experience during my first season. I am happy to join Campos Racing that is one of the most respected teams in the series. And they also have the experience for helping young drivers to grow up, as they proved with Pepe Oriola in the past,” Filippi said.

Oriola attended the Valencia test, acting as Filippi’s personal trainer. “I’m glad that the team trusts me and my talent for training the young drivers. This is a pride for me. I know the championship and I can transmit my experience to help the rookies,” Oriola said.

Campos Racing team manager Joan Orús commented: “Filippi has completed a good test and I really hope our test programme will make easier for him to adapt to touring cars competitions.”


The Liqui Moly Team Engstler has entered two BMW 320 TC cars for the full season in the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship.

The first car will be driven as usual by team principal Franz Engstler, a WTCC regular since 2007. The German driver has taken the start in 140 races, claiming one overall victory at Oschersleben in 2011 when he was classified eighth in the Drivers’ Championship.

“We have currently a few negotiations ongoing for the second car and hope to unveil the name of Franz’s team-mate in the next days,” explained team manager Kurt Treml.


Tom Coronel unveiled the livery of his Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 car he will drive in the 2014 WTCC for ROAL Motorsport.

The Italian team had the first test in Valencia with Tom Chilton’s sister car, while Coronel’s will be delivered in the next days.

“Off course it is unfortunate not being able to put the first miles on this week. Only days ago RML finished building the first two cars in TC1 specs and my chassis will probably not be ready before the end of next week. Beginning of April I will drive in a shake-down on the Adria track. After that the car will be transported to Morocco for the season’s opener. It’s a tight schedule, but there is no other option. I'm happy that I will at least compete in the WTCC this year, again with ROAL Motorsport and with the successor of the car that won the championship in the last four years. TC1 specs mean an increased output to 380 bhp, new technology, a better look and more aerodynamics. I would really like to thank my new sponsors for their support in making this happen!” said the Dutchman.

PaddockTalk Perspective

Aseara dupa 17.00, pe Eurosport, am vazut prima cursa si 3/4 din a doua de la Marrakech, CITROEN s-a distrat , in prima cursa, au luat primele 3 locuri, in a doua, primele 2:


José María López took a triumphal victory for the Citroën Total WTCC team.

The Argentine crossed the line first ahead of team-mates Sébastien Loeb and Yvan Muller. The three C-Elisée cars led from lights to flag, creating a huge gap between them and the rest of the field.
Tom Chilton finished fourth, but only eight seconds behind; the Briton was followed by Borković, Monteiro and local hero Bennani.
Franz Engstler dominated the TC2T class from his team-mate Di Sabatino.


Key moments

Start – López takes perfect start ahead of Loeb, Muller, Chilton, Monteiro and Borković. Münnich cuts chicane and is penalized with a drive-through for jumping the start.
Lap 2 – Valente touches Bennani in turn 15 right ahead of Coronel. The Honda loses the rear bumper in the incident
Lap 4 – Borković attacks Monteiro at the braking of turn 15; in the contact Monteiro loses the rear bumber and fifth position.
Lap 5- The advantage of the Citroën trio reaches 7 seconds, with Loeb closing the gap on the leader, López.
Lap 6 – Huff in the pits (misfiring), Morbidelli passes Kozlovskiy for 12th. Loeb posts best lap time.
Lap 8 – Engstler leads comfortably in TC2T, ten seconds clear of Di Sabatino, with Filippi third.

Lap 9 – Coronel (front splitter) and Morbidelli (bodywork) in the pits.

Lap 11 – Valente jumps on the kerbs of the first chicane and loses a front dive plain.

Lap 12 – Münnich in the pits (bent steering).

Lap 13 – Bennani passes Michelisz for 7th in turn 5 and so does also Valente shortly after.
Lap 14 – Triple win for the Citroëns with López, Loeb and Müller in their WTCC debut.



Sébastian Loeb took his maiden win in the WTCC in what was only his second start in this championship.

He beat team-mate and Race 1 winner José María López. López who is the first leader of the championship, thanks to the pole position points.
The race was marked by an accident at the start between polesetter Tom Coronel and local hero Mehdi Bennani. In the melee, the Citroën of Yvan Muller was also an innocent victim.
At the restart, the two C-Elysée cars took control of the proceedings, cruising to a 1-2 finishing. Hugo Valente took a brilliant first podium with the Campos Racing Chevrolet, ahead of Tom Chilton and Bennani, who completed a brilliant recover after paying a drive-through penalty. Mikhail Kozlovskiy, who scored a remarkable sixth for LADA and also his first WTCC points.
Franz Engstler encored his victory in the TC2T class, ahead of John Filippi who beat Pasquale Di Sabatino for second.

Key moments
Grid – Thompson (brakes problems), Michelisz (broken steering pump) and Huff (turbo failure) do not take the start.
Start – Coronel takes a better start from the pole, but Bennani holds on and the two collide before the first braking; the Chevrolet spins, hitts the wall and is collected Muller who had no way to avoid the collision. The race is suspended after a couple of laps behind the safety-car.
Restart – After another lap behind the safety-car, Bennani takes the lead while Loeb passes Monteiro. Münnich goes straight at first chicane after losing the front spoiler. Bennani loses the rear bumper in the back straight.
Lap 6 – Loeb takes the lead. Valente and Monteiro clash at turn 10. Münnich retires. At the end of the lap, Bennani serves the drive-through he was given for the accident at the start.
Lap 7 – López passes Valente for third and then Monteiro for second.
Lap 8 – Borković stops on the straight with a fire alert, while Valente passes Monteiro. The safety-car is deployed again to allow removing Borković’s car. Huff takes rejoins of the race from the pits.
Lap 9 – The race restarts, with Loeb ahead of López, Valente, Monteiro, Chilton, Kozlovskiy, Morbidelli and Bennani. Behind them Engstler leads the TC2T classes while Filippi and Di Sabatino fight for second.
Lap 10 – Bennani passes Morbidelli in turn 15. 
Lap 11 – Nice fight between Monteiro and Chilton for fourth, while Bennani passes Kozlovskiy.
Lap 12 – Chilton, Monteiro and Bennani continue to fight, with the Moroccan passing the Portuguese in turn 5. Monteiro’s car is losing bodywork pieces.
Lap 14 – López closes on Loeb, while Monteiro slows down with a flat tyre.
Lap 16 – Chilton passes Bennani but somehow cutting the first chicane and giving back the position. Loeb takes win ahead of López, while Chilton pips Bennani right on the finish line for fourth.


Drivers' Championship

    1. ARG LÓPEZ José María 48 pt.
    2. FRA LOEB Sébastien 47 pt.
    3. GBR CHILTON Tom 27 pt.
    4. FRA VALENTE Hugo 19 pt.
    5. FRA MULLER Yvan 17 pt.
    6. PRT MONTEIRO Tiago 11 pt.
    7. RUS KOZLOVSKIY Mikhail 10 pt.
    8. SRB BORKOVIĆ Dušan 9 pt.
    9. ITA MORBIDELLI Gianni 8 pt.
    10. DEU ENGSTLER Franz 6 pt.

Manufacturers' Championship

    1. Citroën 95 pt.
    2. Honda 44 pt.
    3. LADA 34 pt.

Yokohama Drivers' Trophy

    1. DEU ENGSTLER Franz 23 pt.
    2. FRA FILIPPI John 14 pt.
    2. ITA DI SABATINO Pasquale 14 pt.

Yokohama Teams' Trophy

    1. Campos Racing 27 pt.
    2. ROAL Motorsport 18 pt.
    3. Liqui Moly Team Engstler 13 pt.


este un regulament nou, multi spun ca vine ca o manusa celor de la Citroen, care au avut 1 an sa dezvolte masina........s-a vazut in linii drepte cum treceau de Honde si Chevrolet............ motoare in jur e 400 CP......... ideea este ca nu toti au masinile gata pentru anul asta............ sa vedem Seat si BMW cand le scot pentru curse........... se anunta un an super-tare.

Culmea, chiar si LADA se misca destul de bine............. sa vedem pe circuite virajate ce-o sa fie, aici, cu linii drepte, C-Elysee-ul a fost la putere!

Etapa a II-a, Le Castellet :


Yvan Muller took his first personal win for Citroën after dominating Race 1 at the Paul Ricard.

The reigning champion, who had inherited pole position after technical scrutineering yesterday, did not have the best of starts but took the lead in lap 3 after passing Michelisz and Tarquini and flew away to the chequered flag.
Sébastien Loeb completed Citroën’s 1-2 after storming throughout the field from the last row in the grid. Honda took its first podium of the season, thanks to a great race by Gabriele Tarquini, who came ahead of Pechito López and a very inspired Rob Huff, who took fifth for LADA after a great race.
In the TC2T class, Liqui Moly Team Engstler’s Franz Engstler and Pasquale Di Sabatino signed another 1-2.

Key moments
Start – Tarquini takes a perfect start ahead of Michelisz, Mulller, Valente, Huff and Borković.
Lap 1 – Muller passes Michelisz for second, while there is a contact between Loeb (already 7th) and López; Loeb has another contact with Morbidelli as he takes 6th.
Lap 3 – Muller passes Tarquini at first corner and takes the lead.
Lap 4 – Loeb passes Huff and Valente and climbs to 6th
Lap 5 – Huff passes Valente for 7th
Lap 6 – Loeb (who has fastest lap in 1.44.389) takes third from Michelisz.
Lap 7 – López passes Huff at the chicane after a short duel
Lap 8 – Muller leads with 4.5 seconds on Tarquini and posts fastest lap (1.43.801).
Lap 11 – López passes Michelisz in turn 2 after a contact that puts both cars sideways.
Lap 12 – Loeb is attacking repeatedly Tarquini for second but the Italian resists.
Lap 14 – Loeb eventually manages to outpower Tarquini, while Michelisz, Huff and Valente fight fiercely for 5th with the Brit brilliantly taking the advantage.
Lap 16 – Valente also passes Michelisz for 6th



José María López took his second win of the season in a lively Race 2 at the Paul Ricard, marked by two safety-car periods.

The Argentine preceded his team mate Yvan Muller, winner of Race 1, in another 1-2 win for Citroën after the C-Elysées bent the resilience of the Honda of Tiago Monteiro, who led for most of the race. The Portuguese offered to Honda its second consecutive podium finish.
Tarquini, Bennani and Loeb completed the top 6. The Frenchman had a more difficult Race 2 after an early contact with Muller and hitting the chicane tires later on.
Franz Engstler won again the TC2 race despite being hit by Filippi at mid-race.

Key moments
Start – Monteiro takes a great start and takes the lead ahead of Bennani, Münnich, Tarquini and Borković.
Lap 1 – Chilton pushes Morbidelli into a spin and Muller is also involved.
Lap 2 – Chilton is passed by López and Muller who slams the door on Loeb; the two tangle.
Lap 4 – Valente fights with Chilton and Michelisz for tenth
Lap 5 – Monteiro leads from Tarquini who has passed Bennani.
Lap 6 – López and Muller pass Tarquini after a small mistake of the Italian.
Lap 7 – Loeb hits the tire pile at the chicane, prompting the exit of the safety-car.
Lap 8 – Chilton is given a drive-through for the incident at the start.
Lap 9 – At the restart, Monteiro keeps the advantage on López and Muller; but it’s safety-car again, as Filippi T-bones Engstler at turn 1.
Lap 14 – The race restarts and López and Muller outpower Monteiro; Borković and Loeb pass Valente
Lap 16 – Loeb moves up to fifth Bennani ahead of Borković
Lap 17 - Loeb passes Bennani for fourth
Lap 18 - López wins from Muller; Michelisz and Morbidelli pip Valente and Huff for 8th and 9th
Lap 18 – Engstler retakes TC2T lead from Di Sabatino.


Drivers' Championship

    1. ARG LÓPEZ José María 85 pt.
    2. FRA LOEB Sébastien 73 pt.
    3. FRA MULLER Yvan 65 pt.
    4. ITA TARQUINI Gabriele 31 pt.
    5. FRA VALENTE Hugo 31 pt.
    6. PRT MONTEIRO Tiago 30 pt.
    7. GBR CHILTON Tom 30 pt.
    8. MAR BENNANI Mehdi 16 pt.
    9. SRB BORKOVIĆ Dušan 15 pt.
    10. HUN MICHELISZ Norbert 14 pt.

Manufacturers' Championship

    1. Citroën 186 pt.
    2. Honda 103 pt.
    3. LADA 75 pt.

Yokohama Drivers' Trophy

    1. DEU ENGSTLER Franz 45 pt.
    2. ITA DI SABATINO Pasquale 30 pt.
    3. FRA FILIPPI John 21 pt.

Yokohama Teams' Trophy

    1. Campos Racing 51 pt.
    2. ROAL Motorsport 26 pt.
    3. ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport 24 pt.


Din pacate am vazut 3-4 tururi din mansa 2, HONDA se tinea bine pe viraje, dar in continuare, in linie dreapta, nu-i facea fata lui Citroen - posibil sa fie ceva diferenta de CP intre cele 2 motoare..........


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